Car Batteries!

Batteries on the Web have continued to supply car batteries in the UK for over 40 years, our journey did not start with car batteries but in the auto trade based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Here we launched our first family run car garage Pellon Tyres & Auto Centre, we started servicing cars and naturally progressed into selling and fitting car batteries as the business grew.

We hold one of the largest inventories of car batteries in the UK, including top brands such as Numax Car Batteries. Lucas Car BatteriesVartaTungstone  and many more including our own label of car batteries.

Remember all our car batteries are priced to include V.A.T. and FREE DELIVERY to UK Mainland. Other prices can be formulated to cater for customers who may want to buy from further afield, such as the islands and Highlands of Scotland, where the remoteness warrants a higher carnage cost.

An automotive battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile.[1]

An automotive SLI battery (starting, lighting, ignition) is an automotive battery that powers the starter motor, the lights, and the ignition system of a vehicle's engine, mainly in combustion vehicles.

Automotive SLI batteries are usually lead-acid type, and are made of six galvanic cells connected in series to provide a nominally 12-volt system. Each cell provides 2.1 volts for a total of 12.6 volts at full charge. Heavy vehicles, such as highway trucks or tractors, often equipped with diesel engines, may have two batteries in series for a 24-volt system or may have series-parallel groups of batteries supplying 24V.